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NYC – daytime 3

Among the many possibilities to do a tour around Manhattan, I chosed a boattrip this time – around Manhattan Island (and, of course, we passed by the Statue of Liberty). It was a very nice day, and thanks to the gorgeous zoom of my camera, I really ‘came close’ to some sites.

Here is my best-of …

skyline manhattan ...

test text

guess what this is ...? 4 levels of driving ranges !

ground-zero and its new building ...

... still under construction

the famous 'colgate'-watch Grande Dame ... description

NYC – how to get around

There are many ways to get around on Manhatten, of which the most known is going by underground. However, why always stick to such ’standard’ form of transportation …?

Here are some alternative ideas  :)

the watertaxi - it also has the famous yellow colour

you can rent a bike - as I did !

Mr. B. wants to turn NYC into a very healthy city.

on a sunny day like this - why not sailing around ?

you can, of course, also hire a historic boat

for the more athletic people ... paddle around !

out of question the SUV among all forms of transportation - masculin, and noisy !

why not taking a heli-ride ? gorgeous views from above !

New York City

Embedded in my trip to the Hamptons Film Festival, I planned two short stays in NYC, too – just to see how it is today (I have only once been in NYC, end of 2006).

The moment I arrived at the Airport, it was like coming home – I even remembered details of the AirTrain (we used this train for a national flight last time), and everything went smoothly.

I travelled to my first NYC-address with public transport, and waited for my host at a typical ’shop’ where you can buy water, deli-kind-of-food (2go or 2stay) and withdraw money (ATM-sign). I was uncovered as European immediately (I wore my Austrian hat), and when I wanted to help myself for an American Coffee, they told me that I must not drink this … but that I should have one of their Cappuchinos instead. I think this was a good recommendation – never tried this US-coffee.

central park west - nyc

My host, Corina, is a great chap – she spontaneously decided to go to the Blue-Note-Jazz-Club with me on Sunday evening, where Dianne Reeves will perform -> check out her website:

Dianne Reeves also sang the songs in the Clooney-film ‘Good night, and Good luck’, which won a Grammy for its music !

NYC – daytime 2

Following Central Park West from north to south, one passes by the famous ‘El Dorado’ Building … watch out the little balconies !

The El-Dorado-Building, NYC

El-Dorado and its neighbour - not less interesting !

Dakota Apartment House

On the same street, more south, there is the Dakota-Buidling, where John Lennon lived and was shot in front of, in 1980.

If you want to know, where exactly these houses are, go there ->

NYC – first evening

When we arrived at the Blue Note Jazz Club, we were lucky to get the last two seats at the Bar – and had a nice conversation with an Australian guy next to us. The place looks like a ‘real’ jazz place, as you would imagine it …

by the way: my compliments to the Jazzhuus in Lustenau, who always succeed in having the same atmosphere during their concerts as it was here in NYC !

Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC

The concert  itself was outstanding – great music, big voice !
After the concert, Corina pushed me to the backstage-room of the Dianne Reeves, and we had a little chat with her, and of course she gave and autograph :) check out what times she is performing – she told me she is singing in Vienna every year !

As an ‘already-perfect-NY-woman’, Corinna knew where to go afterwards: to the Outdoor-Rooftop-Bar at 230-fifth … because it was such a gorgeous night, warm like in summer, moon almost full … could not have been any better ! We were walking there quite a while, but we enjoyed it very much. One of the best features of NYC, at least for me, is the variety it has – you can see so many different people in the streets …  just amazing !

on the Rooftop of 230-fifth